Move In Out Cleaning


Are you Moving In or Out? Well weather you are leaving or staying, you are a Landlord, or Real Estate Agent let us do the handle the cleaning for you. List is fully customizable

This is what we clean in a Move In or Out

  • Toilets scrubbed clean, disinfected
  • Shower and tub scrubbed clean
  • Sinks hand-washed, sanitized
  • Shower glass cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned and shined
  • Tile scrubbed clean
  • Remove trash throughout if told what to throw out.
  • Remove dust from ceiling fans
  • Remove cobwebs high and low
  • Hand-wash front door glass, both sides
  • Hand-wash ONLY ONE sliding glass doors, hand wipe the tracks
  • Stairways cleaned, vacuumed
  • Wash wood floors, tile floors, vacuum carpets
  • Clean and sanitize and exterior of the oven
  • Clean and sanitize the exterior of the fridge
  • Clean and sanitize exterior of microwave
  • Hand-wash the exterior of cabinets
  • Hand-wash the exterior of drawers
  • Hand-wash clean the backsplash
  • Hand-wash clean the counters
  • Hand-wash clean the stove
  • Dust all exposed baseboards
  • Dust door frames, Window Frames

Keep Your Space Clean