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Post Renovation Cleaning

Post Renovation Cleaning Services

Post Renovation Cleaning Services Long Island NY
When renovating an area, its important to have a cleaning service by your side. RKleen cleaning maid service gives you the opportunity to handle other things while we take care of the cleaning dust renovations cause.

We know that the dust, and chemicals used in the construction are very dangerous. They should be removed instantly, different debris should not to have a negative impact on homeowner. We at Rkleen can solve all pre/post construction headache with utmost professionalism and care using the latest equipment and safety supplies, such as hepa-vacuums. Our staff are fully experienced in this type of cleaning, we have already helped a lot of clients to overcome the pre/post construction cleaning stage and now we are willing to help you too!

We are waiting for your calls to make you sure that we are the most reliable and professional maid cleaning service in New York!

Sometimes attempts to clean your space after a renovation, there are traces of dust on surfaces of walls and on the floor. Thus, your new renovation stops looking new, and its hard to notice that you just had a renovation done, when it is not cleaned.  Move in or move out from a clean enviroment when you hire RKleen Cleaning Company
Cleaning of after a repair has its own subtleties. There are stains which only professional equipment and special detergents can combat with. The high quality of work and many years of experience at RKleen cleaning company promote that fact that we have one of the most low cost of post renovation cleaning service.  Post-Construction cleaning includes trained experts who will make this difficult job easy. We are providing the following services:

Cleaning the door knobs, tops of doors frames, moldings.
Complete disinfection of kitchens( Clean Stove Top, vacuum kitchen, etc) and bathrooms(Dust Blinds, Window Ledges, Furniture in Bathrooms, etc).
Vacuuming and mopping dusting of all surfaces and upholstery, from ceilings and walls to floors.
 cleaning of floors, baseboards,  inside and out of cabinets, counters, light fixtures, appliances.
All glass, stone, and metal surfaces.
Dust removal from walls, ceiling pipes, ceiling fans, air ducts, vents.
Cabinet and desk cleaning (for offices).
Window cleaning, including sills, window glass, and frames.

Keep Your Space Clean